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3 Unique Open House Ideas

real estate bay area, best realtor bay area, realtor bay area, house buying, Joe Tropiano, California Happy Homes, Condo buying, real estate investment, house selling, condo sellingAlthough it is easy to see the value in a classic open house – a set time for real estate agents and potential buyers to look at your home while on a whirlwind of house tours – it is all too common and not attention-grabbing enough for some sellers.

Having a creative open house is a good way to sell your home fast if you are concerned about getting lost among all the different houses on the market.

There are many strategies to make your open house unique and increase the number of potential buyers looking at your home. Here are three ways to think outside the box and make your home sell fast.

1. Appeal to the five senses

Potential buyers can use all five of their senses to take in your home, even though they may only pay attention to what they see. To entice a buyer’s sense of taste and smell, maybe bake some chocolate chip cookies. Also consider putting on background music to make your home feel more like what you want it to feel like. If your home is modern, it will probably attract younger buyers, so play something new and contemporary. If your home is more historical, consider playing something more classical. If you’re feeling like going all-out, give buyers a stress relief ball to squeeze and they will never forget your home.

2. Instead of an open house, have a party

A nighttime reception in your house will bring a different crowd of potential buyers who may not always be available during the normal open house hours. Keep in mind to not spend too much on caterers and wine if you do choose this option. This is a wonderful option if your home has great space for entertaining or good outdoor lighting if you are hosting this party during the warmer months.

3. Showcase local interior designers in your home

An empty home is a fabulous way to let interior designers showcase their best skills. Their work can be a good focus point for several open house events that will bring more and different potential buyers to your home. Consider handing your home over to more than one interior designer as well.

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